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Dear friend,

in Holland we're very busy - together with Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene - to create 'The Divinity of mankind Part III'. It is a wonderful experience to work together with the spiritual masters to co-create this beautiful new book. We want to publish the book in April in Holland and Belgium.
In this newsletter a revelation of Mary Magdalene about the sacredness of the connection between man and wife. About the fact that she and Jesus also had children, one daughter and three sons. And that their genetic line has been spread in the world to refine and enrich the DNA of humanity.

This informative revelation of Mary is one of the chapters from the book “The Divinity of Mankind – Revelations of Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene – Part II”. This book will be available worldwide in a few months. If you are curious, take a look at our website    

from our hearts, 
Gabriela and Reint Gaastra-Levin (
Authors of the book “ The Divinity of Mankind – Revelations of Mary, Jesus, and Mary Magdalene” Part I) (ISBN 90-807478-3-1)              

 Gabriela and daughter Natalie


Revelation of Mary Magdalene about the fact that she and Jesus had four children

Mary Magdalene about the sacredness of the connection between man and wife. Jesus and Mary Magdalene also had children, one daughter and three sons. Their genetic line has also been spread in the world to refine and enrich the DNA of humanity.

Mary Magdalene: “Dear people on Earth, in our previous book Jesus and I have presented ourselves as a couple. For some of you, this would have seemed as a natural given. Others however may have needed to work this through. On account of the reticence about sexuality and of the relationship between a man and a woman as a natural form of connection, many of you have had to associate our holiness with living in celibacy, a life without a human partner. The fear of the female principle was very great two thousand years ago. For that reason it was unacceptable at that tim e—for men in a position of power and for women in a subservient position relative to men on the basis of fear—that a woman could be of equal value to the value of a man. All female attributes—like intuition, softness, emotion, unconditionality, abundance, and fertility—were systematically repressed and denied. I, as the partner of Jesus, was accused of adultery and lack of integrity. Mary, as mother of Jesus, was presented as an asexual being by the then Christian Church. People could venerate Mary as virgin and mother, but how would it be to admire her as mother and as a woman? Would people want to venerate her with the same passion and dedication as a woman? Would people also want to experience her holiness as a woman and be connected to that? What is more sacred than to conceive and bear a child? Mary was impregnated by Joseph and bore Jesus. And I was impregnated by Jesus and I have born his children. Can you accept this in your hearts and admit it? The sacredness of the union between man and woman can express itself and manifest itself as a natural process in procreation and bearing a child. Let this information resonate in your heart and feel what you do with it. This touches on much of your prior lives. Lives in which harmony, respect, and equality between man and woman were not much present. Most of you have lived in tim es where much was ‘acted out’ on this topic. If back then you lived as a woman you have been able to experience in your own body the repression and limitation. That has left its marks which you are still acting out in this life. If you lived as a man in previous life tim es, you have also experienced the pains and shortcomings as a result of not being able to accept your natural partner as equal. Men have suffered from that, without having noticed it themselves.” 

Holiness Anchored in Earthly Manifestation 
Mary Magdalene: “We have now fortunately arrived in a time of healing and of revelation of the truth. The word ‘revelation’ says a lot in and of itself. It is alike to giving birth, and a female quality. Mary and I, Mary Magdalene, can now show the world in all openness that we also have born children which were conceived in a normal human way. Our holiness and that of our children is anchored in our Earthly manifestation. Jesus and I have had four children on Earth, a daughter and three sons. Thus we have transmitted the opening of the heart chakra and the awakening of the Christ-energy in our hearts not only in a spiritual way, but also via the genetic line. Our genetic lineage has spread itself in the world in order to refine and enrich the DNA of humanity. This may sound surprising, but in the course of human history on Earth, there have been regular enrichments of the human DNA by contacts with highly developed extraterrestrial beings which contributed to the development of man on Earth and to the creation of different races. In various spiritual traditions and old human cultures, we still find stories which refer to this.”

 The Children Have Scattered in the Four Directions of the Compass
Mary Magdalene: “Later on in life, our Children have left in the four directions of the compass. Our oldest son remained in Jerusalem after the crucifixion, with James, the oldest brother of Jesus, and later fled for Northern Europe . Our second son departed south, for Africa . Our youngest son has gone East, to study the Eastern Spiritual traditions and knowledge in Asia . There he was lovingly received by the spiritual masters. All three of our sons have continued to travel regularly. The oldest son was very enterprising and warm-blooded, and had an extensive mission on Earth. The second son was adventurous by nature, but more introverted and strongly connected with the Cosmos. And the youngest son was gentle and could fully experience the Christ-energy in his heart and awaken it in others. 
Our daughter, our third child, has stayed with me. After the crucifixion of Jesus, we departed for southwestern
Europe . Our daughter was loving and a woman full of self-confidence. She experienced her womanhood in a very natural and heart-warming manner. She represented the power of the female from the pure essence of what she was. In her surroundings she has brought the female principle more to life and healed it. 
Our four children represent the connection between Jesus and me as a couple, our connection with Mother Earth and the Cosmos, our connection with compassion and with the unity of body and soul, with the healing of the female principle and with the equality of man and woman. All four, they have helped awaken the Christ-energy in the hearts of people around them. Symbolically they form the four parts and the ends of a cross that embraces the Earth. 
Our children have joined various religions and traditions and they themselves have had children, who in their turn have enhanced the awakening of Christ-energy on Earth.” (from "The Divinity of Mankind - Revelations by Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene Part II' by Gabriela and Reint Gaastra-Levin)










Quote by Jesus: 

"Being the ‘Son of God’ is a manifestation of the creative power of God, the given shape of the will of God. All that exists is Divine and created by God. Everyone is actually a son or daughter of God. Every person is in an awareness process to realise that he or she is God. Realise that you are a child (a creation) of God and at the same time you are God yourself. You have created yourself. You yourself are the trinity: the Father (the creator), the Son (the creation) and the Holy Spirit (the creative power)."

The Divinity of Mankind – Revelations of Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene Part I






A Prayer to Mary Magdalene and Jesus as a couple

Mary Magdalene: “This prayer you can use to evoke and experience our union as a couple in your heart. It enhances the equilibrium between the male and female principles within yourself, in your relationship, and in your surroundings:

Dear Mary Magdalene and Jesus,
Divine couple,
Have mercy on me
And awaken within me
And help me
To heal the female and male principles
within me, to value them and integrate them
In all depths of my being
In my fellow human beings
And in everything on Earth

(From: The Divinity of mankind – Revelations of Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene Part II)








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The book ‘ The Divinity of Mankind – Revelations of Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene – Part I’ (Follow Your Heart Publishing ISBN 90-807478-3-1) can be ordered worldwide via and Go to  for a direct connection with these amazing digital bookshops. Or use the following links:

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