Hurricane Katrina

New Revelation of Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene on the spiritual significance of Hurricane Katrina

Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene: “Many people in the whole world will wonder what might be the meaning of Hurricane Katrina for mankind. The essential experience which this natural phenomenon and the accompanying intense societal experiences have to offer the world is growing brotherhood, compassion and the development of compassion. Compassion is the unconditional acceptance of one another, acceptance of each other, acceptance of every person or every group just the way they are. It is the recognition of value and having respect for the characteristics and right to exist of every man, woman, and child, and every group.

In a Revelation on the American elections in October 2004 we have already said that the United States forms the heart of the world. All different nationalities and races live together in this land and all kinds of different cultures and religions exist side by side in this country. This co-existence creates a process of integration which sometimes takes place and has taken place in a turbulent fashion.

The diverse population groups, who coexist with each other, have learned to accept each other to a certain point. This process of acceptance however has had an influence also on the mutual acceptance of people in the rest of the world and as such has stimulated the integration of population groups world-wide. Humanity is at an important crossroads to deepen this integration and acceptance of one another. The tsunami in South-East Asia in the fall of 2004 has played an important role in this process. These natural phenomena—where no specific enemy can be named—stimulate a process of self-reflection and inner development. With natural disasters one is confronted with death as a stimulus for brotherhood.

Rich and poor, black or white, Christian or Muslim, every person dies, and death is a common experience which cannot be escaped. It makes no difference what kind of private work and living reality man has made for himself, at the end of life we need to leave it behind; in the transition to the spiritual world the circumstances of all people are therefore essentially equal. Dying is a purification process in which every person can experience the difference between his or her absolute spiritual essence and their temporary manifestation on Earth.

Even if some people will deny this, every person knows this at an intuitive level, the level of their soul. And this makes that an occurrence like Katrina, in which many dead are to be mourned, has an impact on everyone on Earth. The influence of death and the loss of people, animals and property brings people into contact with the relativity of certain aspects in life which we value or valued. The Hurricane creates an experience which, however painful, contributes to the opening of the heart of man and this again creates room for new developments. The influence of Katrina also brings with it an extra element that has to make do with the presence of the different population groups, races and social classes in the United States.

The natural disaster brings these groups, races and classes, which live mostly in parallel both in the United States as in the rest of the world, into contact with one another. The present situation is that the needs of some groups take precedence over the needs of other groups, and that again brings about mutual tensions and disharmony; then no real contact arises between these groups, and with contact we mean real 'heart to heart' contact, a contact which is marked by a real interest and respect for each other as people, and taking each other seriously in their respective needs.

People who have given their lives, have made themselves available at the level of their soul to stimulate this collective process, you can honor them in the same way as you honor the war dead, namely as people who have made an important contribution to the development of consciousness and well-being of the nation. The memory and honoring of the dead also helps you to support the process of mutual acceptance.

In the area of the South of the United States which Katrina hit live many people, who for social, or cultural reasons or because of their race have or had no contact with the leading groups in the country. Many who perished, were evacuated or otherwise impacted, were people of color, and as a consequence of the disaster they bring the United States newly into contact with a specific aspect of American history, namely slavery as an extreme form of inequality. This aspect is still engaged in a healing process.

The possibility which now arises has to make do with truly accepting each other, and embracing each other's differences and creating equality and respect. All groups involved are responsible for this process, not only the leaders, but the ones who take care of the vulnerable groups; also the representatives of these vulnerable groups need to stand up for their own rights and respect. This process of 'resurrection' is not a process which should be nourished by anger or from a victim role, but from representing in the world of their own Divine essence, which ensues from self-value and self-respect. In this way equality is being manifested.

The manner in which all concerned carry out this process together and can bring each other to a new awakening of consciousness will form an important basis for the collective development of consciousness and well being in the United States and the rest of the world. Materially poorer countries, like Cuba, Iran and Venezuela which have offered help to the United States after Katrina, see in this an opportunity to stimulate a process of equality and unification of the world. They identify with the mostly poor population groups which have been hard hit and in that way try to heal something in their own position. The opportunity to give something to one of the most powerful countries in the world restores their own sense of value, and at the same time it alerts the leaders of the United States of the way in which they are treating their own poor population and that again reflects how the way in which the rich and poor countries on Earth deal with each other.

The process which now evolves in the United States as a consequence of Hurricane Katrina, reflects also the relationship between more and less developed countries. A fruitful outcome of the process in the United Sates will be a positive influence of mutual relations among other countries in the world. This is the true spiritual leadership which the United States can show, and which can make a contribution to a world-wide process.

We, Mary, Jesus, and Mary Magdalene offer all concerned our help in ever moment and in every desirable form which you want to ask us. Every request in whatever form which is made honestly from the heart, will be answered in one form or another. Do not hesitate to ask us for help. We will assist you wholeheartedly.”

Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene, September 2005