Jesus about his crucifixion

A revelation from Jesus following the movie “The Passion of the Christ”

Dear friend

In our book “The Divinity of Mankind – Revelations of Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene” Jesus tells us he did not die for our sins – because in his eyes sins do not exist – and what the true meaning of his crucifixion is for mankind. Following the movie ‘The Passion of the Christ’, through Gabriela he handed down to us a further deepening about his experiences and intentions at the time of the crucifixion. We love to hand this beautiful explanation down to you.

Gabriela and Reint Gaastra-Levin (Apeldoorn-Holland, March 26, 2004)

Jesus: “My crucifixion about two thousand years ago marks the end of an old era and the beginning of a new era. There are moments in the history of mankind on Earth in which certain aspects of awareness concerning the human evolution process need an extra impulse. My crucifixion was one of those moments. At that moment a gate to a different dimension of consciousness for mankind was opened and passed. The human heart needed to be activated. During my crucifixion was Christ-consciousness, unconditional love, activated in everyone’s heart. This is directly related to the understanding of ‘wrong and right’. What happened at the time of my crucifixion was ‘right’ to some bystanders and ‘wrong’ to others. To me it was ‘neither right nor wrong’. The consciousness that I stood and stand for exists above right and wrong. It was my mission to stand above right or wrong, to rise above duality. In this way I opened a gate to a higher dimension, the dimension of compassion. It was my duty to focus my attention on ‘remaining in my heart’ and not to judge. To look with love at myself as well as at my loved ones and my executioners. If I could do that, this gate would be opened so that all mankind could pass through it. I had to fight with the temptation of feeling a victim and loosing myself in duality. By remaining in my heart was Christ-consciousness, the unconditional love in my own heart, fully activated, like a flame. And each slap I got or every stab of pain I felt, activated more Christ-consciousness in my heart. To be able to stay in my heart, I had to hold very firmly to my intention to stand above right and wrong. In this way I could be a connection between heaven and Earth in order to bring the heavenly consciousness to mankind on Earth.

I was not just functioning as a catalyst of Christ-consciousness in your hearts, but also as an example of how you could focus your intentions to rise above right and wrong yourselves. This calls for a firm intention and a resistance to the temptation to take the role of victim or perpetrator. Like me, every human being can make that conscious choice. In Gethsemane the deeper meaning of my mission was revelated to me from the Divine, the highest level of consciousness. Very clearly I was shown on what to focus my intention, like a sword of light that finds a new way in a jungle of unawareness concerning duality.

What I want to show to you, as human beings, is that everyone can walk this way. You only need to have the purpose of remaining connected to the unconditional love of your heart. I experienced my crucifixion at that time, you are experiencing your personal crucifixions, yet mostly on a more limited scale, but nevertheless with the same purpose. In all kinds of situations in which you feel a victim, you have a similar challenge like I had, the choice to remain in your heart, let go of that victim role and rise above right and wrong. The many experiences in your life give you the possibility to develop the power of you heart, the same way the crucifixion gave me the possibility to open my heart to higher dimensions of Divine love.

There have been several moments during the Way of the Cross and during the crucifixion that it became difficult for me to stay in my heart. I had each time to let go another aspect of my ego to be able to make the next step in the process of opening my heart. This can be compared to climbing a stairway, where on each step I had to conquer a different aspect of my ego and my fears. By taking this stairway I rose above the human level of consciousness of that moment on Earth. I succeeded in surrendering totally and I felt pure compassion to myself and everyone involved. Then I blew out my last breathe and left life on Earth. My mission was completed.

Mary Magdalene, as my partner, had also intensely experienced the process of my crucifixion. She had to open her heart as well and not choose anger, judgement or grief above unconditional love. This was her process to stay above right and wrong and open her heart even further.

The movie “The Passion of the Christ” that currently is shown in cinemas about my crucifixion, is mainly focussed on pain. This theme challenges you human beings to feel in your heart the true essence of the crucifixion ritual. The crucifixion is not limited to a certain moment two thousand years ago, but it is a dilemma that you carry in your hearts. The collective consciousness on Earth is at a point of solving this dilemma and find a way ‘from duality to unity’ and ‘from pain to love and compassion’. I ask you not to cling to this pain, but to look further than that and find the road to love and compassion. This Revelation was meant to inspire mankind to be able to find that road.

I Jesus, but also Mary Magdalene, Mary and my other companions from the White Brother- and Sisterhood, a group of spiritual masters to which I belong, are ready to help you make this loving choice to develop a deeper level of love in your heart. Call on us when your heart asks for it.”