Descending from the Cross
Revelation of Jesus in which He Declares he is Descending from the Cross

Jesus: “Dear people: I, Jesus, take full responsibility for my Crucifixion and for all related events. I chose out of my own free will to participate in these cosmic events in order to raise the energy on Earth. At that time there was a cosmic opportunity which made it possible to raise consciousness on Earth to a higher level. A role was available for someone who would experience a major transformation and who could - through that experience - function as a catalyst for the process of development of all mankind. I chose to take that role at that time. The word “I” however fits the incarnated soul I was at that time. In the spiritual world I no longer use the word “I,” but I'm doing it here in this revelation on account of the usage of men and women on Earth. During my Crucifixion my human ego was completely cleansed and my cosmic identity took over the leadership over my existence as a consciousness force.”

Crucifixion has led to guilt feelings.

Jesus: “Although I am totally at peace with my Crucifixion and with the related events, I do realize that many people still have limited understanding of the true meaning of the Crucifixion. The consequence for these people is that they continue to explain the ritual of the Crucifixion in a way which impedes their further development. They have assumed the responsibility for my Crucifixion in the form of guilt. These guilt feelings also make it difficult for them to fully welcome the impact of the Crucifixion in their hearts. These guilt feelings form a resistance to the giving and receiving of love and to the opening of their hearts. Guilt feelings keep the heart closed. Presently I ask these people to open their hearts and to accept my love and let it in. The love that I already have been offering humanity for two thousand years. This love is unconditional.”

Through the Crucifixion humanity has assumed the position of victimizer.

Jesus: “As I have said already: I am completely at peace with my Crucifixion. It has been good. For I have seen that my spiritual goal of 'transcending good and evil,' and 'developing compassion,” has been realized. Through my Crucifixion I have also been able to make an important contribution to the activation of the Christ energy, the unconditional love in the hearts of men and women. Still I do realize that on the Earth level the Crucifixion has also had side effects on people which still affect them, namely having guilt feelings which lowers their self-esteem and get in the way of experiencing their Divinity. The healing of your guilt feelings is linked closely to becoming aware of your reproach to me for letting myself as a human being and as a master be crucified. These guilt feelings can only be healed by changing an unequal relationship into one of equality. And even now when – comparing with you – I am on a more advanced level of disengagement and re-unification with the Divine, the truth is that in fact we are equals in our Divine essence.

Therefore I do ask you to forgive me that I let myself be crucified. Because of that mankind has found itself in the role of victimizer, and I became the victim. In order to let the great cosmic miracle – as it has also been described in detail in the first two books: ‘The Divinity of Mankind’ - be accomplished it was however necessary that you, and in this case explicitly the souls which were incarnated at that time in the Jewish and Roman peoples, took on the role of victimizers. I thank you for that.

This feeling of being the victimizer however has passed from generation to generation since then. The truth however is that neither you are victimizers nor I'm a victim. We created the ritual of the Crucifixion together as part of the Divine play. We, you and I, wanted to show each other 'what compassion is.' and 'that good and evil are one' and are part of one and the same Divine play in order to discover that everything is Divine.”

Jesus comes off the Cross.

Jesus: “By declaring this now, I am literally and figuratively coming down from the Cross. I now stand on the ground with you, on Earth, in oneness at the same level, in order to show everyone that you and I are equal and Divine. By hanging on the Cross I put myself on a pedestal as 'victim' – above you – and you found yourselves – below me – as victimizers. The time has come to heal this, and to let this illusion be dissolved. I am coming down off the Cross in order to be able to be with you and among you. Together we are one, we are God.”

(This channeled message is part of a more extensive revelation about the Crucifixion from the book “The Divinity of Mankind – Revelations from Mary, Jesus, and Mary Magdalene – Part III” which will be published in the Netherlands and Belgium on April 9th; the English translation will appear end 2006. This book also contains an extensive revelation by Mary Magdalene about her experiences and her role in the Crucifixion. Other insightful revelations about the true meaning of the Crucifixion are contained in “The Divinity of Mankind – Part I and Part II” of which the first volume has already been published in English via Amazon and Booksurge.)