the book 'The Da Vinci Code'

New Revelation of Mary Magdalene about the book The Da Vinci Code

Mary Magdalene: “Dear brothers and sisters. With happiness and gratitude I address myself to you. It moves me to see that you are so open and have an interest in making contact with me. I represent the acknowledgment and honoring of your feminine essence, both in women and in men. The interest in me and in what I represent grows day by day. There are ever more people who long for the healing of the feminine energy in themselves and the world. The appearance and the success of the book The Da Vinci Code of author Dan Brown are connected with this. This book playfully explores who I am. The author plays masterfully with the longing for healing of the feminine in every person. All incidents in the book and the storyline form a metaphor for all situations and processes which people on Earth create to enter into contact with their femininity.

At this moment, the feminine energy is the most important element on Earth which needs healing. All different conflicts which are going on among people on Earth in essence have to do with this. The healing of the feminine 'makes everything fall into place,' and it is the missing element for solving the puzzle of the great human conflicts on Earth at this time. It speaks so completely for itself and it is so indispensable for many.

In this book a self-evident truth is revealed in a complex manner. When everything falls into place it appears self-evident and not complex at all. The fact that Jesus and I form a couple, that we had children and that as a family of light we form a foundation for the healing of the human heart is a very natural truth. In and of itself humanity has no need for codes to be able to observe and accept that. The fears of femininity and of the unity between man and woman which people have developed throughout many centuries, make that this 'natural' truth often was not seen. These fears were the cause that in the course of human history people did not dare speak openly about the feminine. Only in a concealed manner and sometimes by codes could the feminine be named and given a valuable place.

People are afraid of their true essence, are afraid to connect with each other, and are afraid of intimacy and for the power of their own sexuality, but in the end it is their own Divine heart of which they have the most fear, and for which they long at the same time. The feminine energy says that you may love yourself, that you are perfect, complete and Divine. The feminine represents seeing the Divine in everything that exists. The feminine represents the power of 'being,' the masculine stands for the power of 'doing,' establishing something, building something. The feminine principle does not have to prove or achieve anything to be valuable. You are perfect just as you are. The masculine represents establishing things, manifesting this perfection in the world.

You people often walk a complicated path to come to this simple truth. Your paths sometimes resemble a thriller, with all the changes and surprises that go with that. In a thriller like The Da Vinci Code there is a creative play on the theme of 'good and evil.' What seems 'good' can turn into 'evil' and vice-versa. Friend and foe change places and so do victims and victimizers. The passion displayed by the main characters, masculine and feminine, represents the passion with which you, men and women, seek for the healing of the feminine principle and the balance between the masculine and the feminine.

The indications in your heart are not complicated, on the contrary are very self-evident. What makes it complex is the resistance which you feel against accepting and permitting this natural harmony between the masculine and feminine. It is about the natural ability of giving and receiving. The man gives and the woman receives, let things mature, 'gives birth' and gives back. This is how in fact all of creation arises.

In the course of different lives you have made decisions and created beliefs which conceal these natural truths. Your quest to unravel this web of blockages and convictions can be compared to deciphering a code. The code in your own consciousness.

There is a much simpler method to reveal this web which has been woven in the course of your own history individually as well as collectively, and that is to pray to me, Mary Magdalene as representative of the Divine and the feminine principle, and also to Jesus and Mary Magdalene as Divine Couple, as representatives of harmony of the masculine and feminine. By praying to us you engage a higher dimension of consciousness which penetrates all blocks like a beam of light. By establishing the intention to heal these aspects, the healing is already activated. You don't need any code for that, only the desire of your heart for the experience of your own Divinity. For that Jesus and I, Mary Magdalene stand at the ready, in order to support and guide you. In Part I and Part II of our books Revelations of Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene – About the Divinity of Mankind there are several prayers to awaken the forces we represent in your heart.

Dear Mary Magdalene
Divine woman
Have mercy on me and awaken within me
Help me to heal and to value the feminine principle within me
In all the depths of my being, in my fellow human beings and in everything on Earth

Dear Mary Magdalene and Jesus
Divine couple
Have mercy on me
And awaken within me
Help me to heal, to value and to integrate
The feminine and masculine principle
In all the depths of my being
In my fellow human being and in everything on Earth

A Revelation by Mary Magdalene received by the Dutch-Argentine couple Gabriela and Reint Gaasta-Levin, authors of the book “The Divinity of Mankind – Revelations by Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene Part I” (ISBN 90 807478 31)(

Translation Rogier F. van Vlissingen – New York